Heavy rains in Lahore, PIA flight enters Indian airspace

Due to heavy rains in Lahore, the PIA flight was unable to land at the airport and entered Indian airspace.

According to details, the flight PK-248 from Saudi city Dammam to Lahore was scheduled to land at Lahore airport, but due to heavy rains, the plane was unable to land at the airport and had to change its course towards Multan. During the diversion, the flight entered Indian airspace.

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Sources said that the captain of the PIA flight informed the Indian Air Traffic Control (ATC) about the situation, and the Indian ATC granted permission for the plane to use their airspace.

Sources also said that to turn the flight towards Multan, it had to go up to the Indian city of Firozpur, and the flight destined for Lahore was eventually landed at Multan airport.

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