Helicopter Accidents: US Pilots ordered to stand down

US military authorities have ordered all pilots to stand down following a series of four helicopter crashes in recent weeks that were not part of any major missions.

According to reports, after a spate of helicopter crashes, the Chief of Staff of the Army ordered all pilots to stand down.

According to French news agency AFP, during the last few weeks, four US military helicopters have crashed, resulting in the grounding of all pilots who were not part of any major mission.

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It should be noted that on last Thursday, in an incident of two Apache helicopters colliding with each other, three soldiers were killed while one was injured.

According to AFP, two weeks ago, two Black Hawk helicopters crashed in the US state of Kentucky, with nine people on board.

According to a statement issued by the US military, according to the orders of General James McConville, all pilots will not be able to fly helicopters until they complete necessary training.

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According to the statement, the US Army will assess risk management systems, helicopter maintenance programs, astronaut training, and other factors.

Over the past few years, several US military helicopters and aircraft have crashed. Last February during a training flight, a Black Hawk helicopter crashed, killing 3 National Guardsmen.

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