How did Nick Jonas feel being called ‘Jiju’ and ‘Na’?

American singer Nick Jonas says he felt very good being called ‘Jiju’ and ‘Na’ in India. He always feels very good when he comes to India.

Famous Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and her husband, American singer Nick Jonas, had visited India a few days ago.

Both of them attended the inauguration ceremony of the Nita Ambani Cultural Center, where many famous personalities, including them, were present.

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During this occasion, the photoshoot videos went viral, in which Indian paparazzi were calling foreign artists by wrong names.

Photographers were addressing Nick Jonas as ‘Jiju,’ which is a common word used for a brother-in-law, and one photographer also called him ‘N***a.’

These videos went viral all over the world and became a reason for people’s laughter.

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Now Nick Jonas has expressed his reaction to these nicknames. In an interview with BBC Asian Network, he said that he came to India after a long time and, as always, enjoyed it very much.

The singer said that he was very happy to hear his nicknames and enjoyed them a lot.

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Remember that Priyanka Chopra got married to Nick Jonas in December 2018 and then they moved to the United States. They also have a daughter named Malty.

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