“How did the cat save itself from a snake attack? Amazing video.

Cat is a very innocent and domestic animal that becomes very human-like quickly. Nature has bestowed upon them an extraordinary weapon that proves to be very helpful in saving their lives.

This weapon is their sixth sense, which immediately alerts them to any danger, and they successfully defend themselves with extreme agility.

It is also worth mentioning that cats are born hunters, and in view of this fact, they are also called the aunt of lions.

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However, today we have a special video for you in this regard, which shows how cats defend themselves with such success and amazing techniques that even a poisonous snake becomes helpless before them.

The video shows a snake and a cat facing each other, and the snake is ready to attack with its mouth wide open near the cat’s face. Onlookers think that in the next moment, the snake will pounce on the cat and kill it.

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During this time, the cat, with an unbelievable agility, slaps the snake with a powerful blow, and the snake falls to the ground in the next moment.

The video was shared on Twitter by an account named TerriFyanningNature, and the caption says that the average reaction time of a cat is approximately 20-70 milliseconds, which is the average reaction time of a snake, 44-70 milliseconds.”

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Abdul Rehman

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