“How did the child get stuck in the window of the flat, video goes viral

A vigilant citizen turned into a savior when she rescued a two-year-old child hanging from a window of a flat by pretending to be Spiderman. The child’s neck remained stuck in the window for quite some time.

It is often seen that due to the negligence of parents, children fall from the windows of high-rise buildings, and either they die or are lucky enough to survive. However, such incidents have become more common in recent days on the roofs of buildings, flats, and other such places, as mobile videos of such incidents go viral on social media.

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A similar video surfaced on the social networking website Twitter, in which a vigilant person could be seen saving the child hanging from the window.

In the video, it can be seen that a child got tangled in the iron bars of the window of a flat, while his neck was stuck in the bars, and he was hanging precariously. It is estimated from the video that the child was in extreme distress.

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In such a situation, a vigilant young man living on the lower floor is risking his life to save the child. He has placed a small stool to support the child’s legs hanging down, and is trying his best to save the child.

At one point, the child loosened his grip on the bars and dangled helplessly, but the young man was able to catch the child in his arms just in time to save him from falling to the ground.”

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Abdul Rehman

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