How much did Google’s CEO’s house sell for?

New Delhi: Google’s CEO sold his ancestral home, which is the largest search engine in the world, in Ashok Nagar, a residential area known for its serene environment.

According to Indian media reports, Sundar Pichai’s house, located in Sundar Pichai Street, was recently put up for sale. It was bought by Tamil actor and director S. Money Kendan, and it is now owned by him.

According to the Indian media report, Money Kendan had a desire to buy a property when he found out that the house where Sundar Pichai spent his childhood and youth was up for sale, so he decided to purchase it.

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The director of Tamil films said that Sundar Pichai has brought great pride to our country in the world. Buying the house where he lived is a proud achievement for my life.

Money Kendan said that the humanity of Sundar Pichai’s parents has touched him emotionally. He narrated the whole story, saying that when we arrived to inspect the house, Sundar Pichai’s mother personally made tea for us.

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Sundar Pichai’s father presented me with documents in our very first meeting, and I was greatly impressed by his humility. He further said that in fact, Sundar’s father waited for hours at the registration office and paid all the necessary taxes before handing over the documents to me.

Money Kendan told the media that there were tears in Sundar’s father’s eyes when he handed over the documents because it was their first property.

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According to Indian media reports, Sundar Pichai was raised in Chenni, but he went to IIT Kharagpur to pursue engineering in 1989.

Neighbors say that Pichai lived in this house for 20 years. When he visited Chenni in December, he gave some cash and household items to the security guard.

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