How to recover accidentally deleted images? Learn the method.

How to recover deleted images due to mistake or haste? Android phone users have found a convenient solution.

Sometimes, important images get deleted suddenly or accidentally on Android phones. These deleted images are not permanently lost but can be recovered with a little effort.

Check Google Photos Backup

If you have enabled Google Photos backup on your phone, it is possible to recover the deleted images from there. To do this, the user needs to open the Google Photos app and go to the Library option.

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All the images taken from the phone’s camera are stored there, so select the images you want to recover and download them.

Check the Trash Folder on your phone

Usually, this folder is found in the Photos or Library folder of the phone, click on the icon of the Trash folder, where all the deleted images are stored for a specific period of time. Select the desired images and choose the Restore option.

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Use a Photo Recovery App

If the above two options do not have your desired images, use a photo recovery app. There are several apps available in the Google Play Store that can be used for this purpose. Some popular apps include Photo Recovery, Dumpster, and DiskDigger.

Connect to the computer

If your Android phone supports USB mass storage mode, connect it to the computer. Connect it to the computer and use any data recovery software.

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With such software, you can search for and recover deleted images, even on the computer, and save them securely.

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