How to Verify Domestic Employees Before Hiring Them?

How can domestic employees be verified before hiring them? Often evidence of domestic employees’ involvement in thefts and robberies in homes is found, so owners are advised to hire them only after obtaining complete information about them.

However, it is also necessary for owners to fully comply with the Child Labour Laws before hiring employees. In this regard, in a special company, ARY Digital’s program “Good Morning Pakistan,” DIG Irfan Baloch gave important recommendations to supervisors regarding the prevention of domestic employees’ crimes.

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Answering host Nida Yasir’s questions, Irfan Baloch said that firstly, no employee should be employed without an identity card, and if it is employed, its verification through the “verification app” from the relevant police station is necessary.

He explained that one method is to record their complete information in the form obtained from the police station and keep their verification so that they can be protected from any unpleasant situation.

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DIG Irfan Baloch stated that in the criminal record system, we can obtain the complete details of any person by writing their name, so citizens should stay in contact with the police in such matters so that such elements can be suppressed.

Abdul Rehman

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