“I am doing wheeling on a motorcycle, Amina Elias”

Famous actress Amina Elias of the showbiz industry has revealed that she is doing wheeling on a motorcycle.

In the ARY Digital program “The Night Show with Yasir,” actress Amina Elias participated and expressed her thoughts on her personal and professional life.

The host asked, “Does Amina Elias enjoy riding a motorcycle?”

She said, “When my brother and I were young, we used to ride our uncle’s motorcycle. When we started the bike, it made a sound, and we were caught once. We pushed the bike and started it. At first, my brother used to ride it, and then I did.”

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The host asked, “Did you ride a bike in your childhood or as an adult?”

The actress said, “I rode it even when I grew up. Once, I took the bike and went out. I also did wheeling in my street.”

Later, Amina Elias smiled and said that it was not actually wheeling. The clutch slipped, and the bike went forward, and I did not leave the motorcycle. I went up, and my mother watched the whole scene from above.

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It is clear that Amina Elias is showing the essence of acting in the drama serial “Bandish 2” of ARY Digital, in which cast members include Affan Waheed, Sania Saeed, Amina Elias, Ariji Mahiuddin, and others.

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