“I can talk to Naveed all day”

Says the famous actor Noor Hassan from the entertainment industry. He, along with Naveed Saeed, Sanita Marshall, Fatima Affandi, Yaser Nawaz, and Agha Ali, participated in the Eid special show of ARY Digital called “Good Morning Pakistan.”

The host, Nida Yasir, asked the actors to appreciate each other, to which Noor Hassan praised Naveed Saeed and said that he can talk to him about matters of the heart, the world, emotions, and can talk to him all day.

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He also mentioned that Naveed has become a very good friend of his, and whenever he gets excited, he calls Naveed first. He feels fortunate to have a friend like Naveed.

On the other hand, Naveed Saeed expressed her love for Noor Hassan and praised him, saying that the entire entertainment industry is aware of his talents. She said that Noor is the only person with whom she can share everything, whether it’s her deepest secrets or moments of happiness.

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Naveed also shared that when she was recently in Islamabad, she felt like her life was incomplete, and when she returned, she missed Noor a lot.

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