“I want good relations with America, not slavery,” said Imran Khan.

The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister said while speaking informally to journalists in a court chamber that he wants good relations with America and not slavery.

When asked about meetings with Americans, Imran Khan said that it has been 27 years and we want good relations with every country.

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Imran Khan said that a five-member bench has been named in the Lahore High Court, which is a danger to life. If I mention its name, it will not be published in the newspaper, which is why I call it “Dirty Harry.”

The Chairman of PTI said that the Caretaker Government is taking action and on Bilawal’s visit to India, they said that Kashmir is not an issue for Bilawal?

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Imran Khan further said that we want friendship above all else and want good relations with America, not slavery.

Abdul Rehman

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