IMF to Discuss Pakistan’s 2023 Budget Plan and Financial Losses

“I am IMF will discuss the 24-2023 budget plan of Pakistan. Islamabad: The IMF Mission Chief, Nathan Porter, has said that important objectives and financial losses of Pakistan’s budget 24-2023 will be discussed. According to details, Nathan Porter said in a statement that the IMF will discuss Pakistan’s budget 24-2023, important objectives and financial losses will be discussed.
Nathan Porter said that financial losses are one of the final barriers to the approval of the level of the agreement of the authorities, and it is extremely important to resolve Pakistan’s crisis of severe payment imbalances. The Country Mission Chief said that the IMF has approved funding of $1.1 billion for the level of the agreement of the authorities. He said that the Ministry of Finance did not respond immediately to the request for comment from the writers, and the government said that external financing is the final obstacle to this agreement
. Nathan Porter further said that the US, Saudi Arabia, and China have announced their assistance to Pakistan in March and April. It should be noted that preparations for the budget for the coming fiscal year have begun, and there is a fear that the federal budget for fiscal 2023-24 could be the most bitter budget in history. The Ministry of Finance sources have said that IMF’s conditions may also be implemented in the future budget.
The issue of increasing tax revenues in proportion to inflation is also being considered in the budget for the coming fiscal year.”

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Abdul Rehman

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