Important decision for non-Kuwaiti employees working in Kuwait

Kuwait City: A decision has been made to terminate all non-Kuwaiti individuals working in municipal departments in Kuwait and replace them with local employees.

According to Urdu News, Kuwait’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Communications Fahd Al-Shua’la stated that the mission of Kuwaitization of all municipality departments and branches is being carried out rapidly.

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Under the scheduled timing system, all non-Kuwaiti individuals will be terminated from all branches of the municipality and local citizens will be employed in their place.

The Minister also stated that any task that can be performed by local citizens will be assigned to them, and non-Kuwaiti employees performing those tasks will be terminated.

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He also said that there are a large number of non-Kuwaiti workers in the branches of the municipal councils, but their number has been reduced in recent days in the offices and branches of the municipal councils.

Al-Shua’la said that he has requested a list of Kuwaiti engineers so that they can be employed in government projects with the cooperation of the private sector and can be more effectively utilized.

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The Minister further said that the shortage of inspectors in some departments of the municipal councils will be resolved, especially by increasing the number of inspectors in the cleaning sector.

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