Important news for those wishing to go to Australia for work!

Australia is making major changes to its migration system aimed at bringing in more skilled workers from other countries.

According to foreign media, Australia has proposed changes to its migration system to speed up the influx of highly skilled workers into the country and make the path to permanent residency smoother. To achieve this, the government also intends to amend the existing points test system for skilled migrants choosing to leave their home country.

Interior Minister Claire O’Neil made the announcement during a two-day conference of 140 local government officials, trade unions, businesses, and industries, saying that skilled workers would be brought into the country by June 30, 2023, to address the shortage of skills caused by epidemic diseases.

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The Australian migration system was reviewed by a panel led by former Prime Minister Martin Parkenson. After assessing the panel’s recommendations, it was found that the current migration system in Australia was not meeting the country’s national needs and was being used improperly, creating an environment for exploitation.

The review also found that the points-based system for assessing eligibility for migration is not effective enough, resulting in many international students getting stuck on temporary visas despite their education.

The news report is about changes in the immigration system of Australia. The report suggests that the current immigration system needs to be used to fulfill its clear purpose and that the government has been advised by a panel of experts to bring in 38 policy changes. The report also mentions that the former Prime Minister and Cabinet head supported the panel’s recommendations and emphasized the need for long-term commitment to bring about the changes.

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The report further states that the Minister for Home Affairs, Karen Andrews, has confirmed two changes in the migration system and intends to make further changes that could happen soon. The most significant change is the increase in the minimum salary for sponsoring migrants, which has been raised to at least AUD 70,000 from AUD 53,000.

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According to the report, temporary migration to Australia has doubled since 2007, and currently, 2.1 million migrants are residing in Australia. The Home Affairs Minister has announced that all temporary visa holders will be given the opportunity to apply for permanent residency by the end of this year.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has emphasized that the changes in the migration system are essential for families as well, and the current government intends to divide migration into three categories: highly skilled, low-skilled and medium-wage earners.

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