In a theft incident, all the shoes were stolen by the same thief in one go.

In the city of Peru, according to a report by a foreign news agency, thieves stole 200 valuable shoes from a store, but in the theft incident, all the shoes were taken away by the same thief in one go.

The store owner says that the value of these shoes is between $10,000 to $13,000, and the thieves can try to sell them.

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The unique import of theft was captured on CCTV footage.

The footage showed that three thieves broke into the store’s shutter in the middle of the night and used a tricycle to steal shoes of different brands.

Local police chief Edward Diaz said that evidence has been collected from the scene of the incident. The unusual thing about this robbery is that only right-footed shoes were stolen.

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He said that they will find the culprit with the help of footage and fingerprints.

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