In Karachi, a motorbike from a Chinese-loaded truck collided, resulting in one fatality and one injured person.

According to the details, a traffic accident occurred in the Essa Nagri area of Karachi, where a motorbike collided with a truck loaded with Chinese goods. During the incident, one person riding the motorbike died, while another was injured.

The police reported that the deceased person was identified as Danesh, while the injured person was identified as Hassan.

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Officials stated that the truck loaded with Chinese goods caused the accident due to a malfunction in the brakes. The driver of the truck has been arrested.

A few days ago, a car accident occurred on Union Defense Road, where a speeding car went out of control and collided with a footpath, resulting in the car driver being severely injured and his companion sustaining moderate injuries.

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Initial reports suggest that the accident occurred due to overspeeding, but further investigations are underway.

Abdul Rehman

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