Increase in the Value of Dollar in Interbank Market

The Pakistani Rupee is continuously depreciating. During the past week, the interbank rate reached 74 paisa, while in the open market, it reached 301 rupees after a triple century.

After an increase of 74 paisa in the value of the dollar in the interbank market, it reached 285 rupees 82 paisa, rising from 285 rupees 8 paisa.

There was also a significant increase in the open market last week, where the dollar increased by 12 rupees. It was sold in the open market at 301 rupees after rising from 289 rupees.

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According to the report, there was a 4 rupee increase in the value of the Euro during the week. The Euro’s value rose from 320 rupees to 324 rupees.

In addition, the British Pound recorded an increase of 11 rupees, with the British Pound being sold at 374 rupees after rising from 363 rupees during the week.

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According to the report, the Saudi Riyal saw an increase of 95 paisa, with the value of the Saudi Riyal rising from 78 rupees 75 paisa to 79 rupees 70 paisa during the week.

It should be noted that after the arrest of Imran Khan, the Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, on May 9, widespread violent protests occurred throughout the country. Following the targeting of military leadership and sensitive installations, the country is facing uncertain economic conditions, which are also affecting the national economy.

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