The request for the revival of the Punjab Assembly has become a burden on the citizen, as heavy fine has been imposed.

According to News, citizen Sharafat Ali had filed a request in the Lahore High Court for the revival of the Punjab Assembly, which was rejected as inadmissible. However, the applicant was fined one lakh rupees.

During the hearing of the request, Justice Shahid Karim asked for clarification on the nature of the request. The petitioner’s lawyer, Aalid Chatha, provided evidence.

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The petitioner had taken the position that the former Chief Minister of Punjab had illegally sent a summary to dissolve the Punjab Assembly. The analysis of the Assembly has deprived the people of Punjab of representation of their mandate. Pervez Elahi had no authority to end public representation.

The petitioner argued that the action of dissolving the Punjab Assembly is unconstitutional and illegal. The request had been made to the Supreme Court to issue immediate instructions for the revival of the Punjab Assembly.

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Abdul Rehman

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