Indian army helicopter crashes and destroyed in occupied Kashmir

Srinagar: An Indian army helicopter crashed and was destroyed in the mountainous district of Kisthwar in occupied Kashmir, resulting in the death of a technician and injury of two pilots.

According to details, an Indian army helicopter crashed at the location of Machna K in the area adjacent to Kisthwar in occupied Kashmir.

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The Indian media reported that the helicopter was carrying three people, and in the accident, one technician was killed while two pilots were injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:45 am, and sources said that it was a new light helicopter, which was flying from Kisthwar helicopter to Meroa, according to routine flight.

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An officer said in a statement that an inquiry court has been ordered, and further details are being obtained.

It is worth remembering that last September, an Indian army helicopter crashed in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and both pilots were injured in the incident.

Prior to this, in August, an Indian army’s TOF-54AA helicopter crashed near the Ranjit Sagar Dam in occupied Kashmir, but both pilots were safe.

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Last year in January, an Indian army helicopter crashed near the Kuthwa district of Punjab border in Jammu and Kashmir, resulting in the death of one pilot.

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