Indian women wrestlers protest against police misconduct

Indian women wrestlers have protested against apparent police misconduct towards them. According to Indian media reports, wrestler Vinesh Phogat during the protest said to police officers, “Did we win medals to see such behavior from you?”

Phogat stated that during a drunken stupor, a police officer assaulted two female wrestlers while other officers present remained silent.

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She said, “We are not criminals to deserve such behavior.”

Phogat also questioned the absence of female police officers and said, “Male police officers misbehaved and pushed me around, where were the female officers?”

On the other hand, wrestler Bajrang Punia requested the government to take back the medals awarded to him.

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It is clear that Phogat and her colleagues are protesting against the sexual harassment they faced during their training by the chief coach of the Wrestling Federation of India, Jagminder Singh Bhullar.

It should be noted that women wrestlers have been protesting since April 23 at Jantar Mantar.

The Federation has dismissed Bhullar and he is no longer the president of the Wrestling Federation. When no action was taken against him, many of these wrestlers returned to Jantar Mantar on April 23. They claimed that the inquiry report was not shared with them.

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