Is the buffalo bigger than the mind or is the mind bigger than the buffalo?

Recently, the apocalypse passed through the hands of the buffalo for Hajji Luq Luq.

It is well-known that Hajji Sahib has been raising a buffalo for a year and he serves it with such devotion that who else would serve the elders in this way? Although Hajji Sahib himself is “poor.” But he has never been unable to provide a solution for the buffalo. However, God knows what happened to this buffalo that it ran away after breaking the rope. And it went straight from the wheat field to the Kanji House.

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Hajji Sahib was heartbroken. As soon as he heard about this incident, he fell to the ground and could not control himself. “Oh God, bless my buffalo.” When he regained consciousness, he went to Kanji House and expressed his desire to meet the buffalo. The Kanji House people said, “Sir! The rules of Kanji House are stricter than the rules of Borsal Jail. If you want to meet the buffalo, give us a request, we will send it to Mr. Mcnab (Senior Municipal Officer). Whether he allows it or not. Let him die. Compelled, he wrote a request and sent it to Mr. McNab. Thirteen days passed, but no response came.

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He consulted a lawyer who said he didn’t know whether he would be allowed to meet the buffalo or not. And it is also possible that it will take a whole year to obtain permission. Now, why not pay the fine and get the buffalo out? Why can’t Hajji Sahib free the buffalo?

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Abdul Rehman

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