Israeli forces have devastated the village of Palestinians.

Gaza: The oppressive Israeli army has completely destroyed the entire village of Palestinians, leaving hundreds of people homeless.

War crimes by the Israeli forces continue in Palestine. The Zionist army has reached the peak of cruelty. The Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank has been annihilated.

According to a report by an international news agency, the village of Ain Samia, where hundreds of people have been living for 44 years, has been forcibly evacuated from their homes. The residents of Ain Samia village faced the aggression of Israeli settlers and the military.

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According to the report by the international news agency, the Israeli army has announced the destruction of the only school in Ain Samia village as well.

China has expressed concern over the illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine. The Chinese Deputy Permanent Representative in the Security Council has demanded from Israel to stop violating international laws and human rights agreements regarding Israeli settlements.

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China has called for an immediate end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and demanded an immediate halt to oppressive actions in Palestine.

Abdul Rehman

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