Jameel Naqsh: ‘Live for Art!’

Art critic Qudoos Mirza says, “If we look at Jameel Naqsh’s life and art, we feel that there was no difference for him between life and art. He lived for art.” Today is Jameel Naqsh’s death anniversary.

Jameel Naqsh will always be remembered as a legend of figurative art, whose artistry expressed the purpose of imagery in art, new ideas, and its political and social consciousness through the strokes of his brush.

This renowned Pakistani artist made significant and highly regarded contributions to the field of figurative art, which allowed him to reach a wide range of audiences with his thoughts and different perspectives. Jameel Naqsh created masterpieces combining paintings with calligraphy and crafted numerous book covers. His use of metaphors in his artwork is meaningful and impactful. In addition to his unique style in the world of art, Jameel Naqsh also made distinctive contributions to Islamic calligraphy. His remarkable works were exhibited not only in Pakistan and India but also in Britain and the United Arab Emirates. Jameel Naqsh not only excelled in visual arts but also had a taste for poetry and literature. He continued to create paintings for the literary magazine “Seep.”

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Jameel Naqsh also served as the president of the Pakistan Painters Guild from 1970 to 1973.

Jameel Naqsh, a holder of exceptional artistic skills, was born in Kirana, India, in 1939 and settled in Lahore after the partition of India. He received his early education from the Mayo School of Art in Lahore. Later, he was recognized as a unique artist and achieved great mastery in this field through his creative mind. His subjects hold significance and are notable in the eyes of critics.

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In 2019, Jameel Naqsh passed away in London at the age of 80. The government of Pakistan honored him with awards for his outstanding performance and excellence, and his art pieces are preserved in the Jameel Naqsh Museum in Lahore. Jameel Naqsh brought Pakistan’s name to the international stage and played a vital role in promoting figurative art.

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The choice of subjects made by Jameel holds importance in various aspects. Horses, women, and pigeons are prominent in his artwork. The nude woman and the soaring bird were his particular themes. He repeatedly painted these subjects, giving them life.

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