Javed Sheikh shared an interesting childhood story.

The famous Pakistani actor participated in an ARY show where he revealed that at the age of 13, he shared an intriguing incident. He said that to act in a play, he took out 100 rupees from his father’s pocket.

Javed Sheikh further said that he meets people of all ages in the same way. If someone is older, he meets them in the same manner, and if someone is a small child, he meets them as a child. He said that he was a very naughty child in his childhood. He was born in Rawalpindi, where the boys were very mischievous, and he was one of them. He had a passion for watching movies, so he used to escape from school to watch movies.

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Javed Sheikh revealed that one day when he was 13 years old, he and his friends thought of acting. They had no money to go to Lahore from there, so he took out 100 rupees from his father’s pocket. Then he told that they bought 2 dozen of candies for 2 rupees, and with the remaining 98 rupees, they went to the station to reach Lahore, where the acting began.

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