Joint police operation recovers kidnapped person in Jacobabad but dacoit escapes and 6 police personnel martyred

Mughvi Farqan Sumro has been recovered in Jacobabad through a joint operation by the police of Osta Mohammad and Jacobabad, but the dacoit managed to escape, and 6 police personnel were martyred during the operation.

According to the details, the police in Jacobabad claimed to recover a kidnapped person from the dacoits in exchange of firing. SSP Osta Mohammad Hassanain Iqbal, along with SSP Jacobabad Mohammad Anwar, said in a press conference that the dacoits had kept Mughvi Farqan in hiding in the area of ​​Begari in Jacobabad.

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According to the SSP, a joint operation was carried out by the Jacobabad and Osta Mohammad police to recover Mughvi, and there was an exchange of firing with the dacoits for 25 minutes, after which the dacoits took advantage of the darkness and fled.

They said that the recovery of Mughvi was not in exchange for any ransom, it was done through police action, and our 6 personnel were martyred for the recovery of Mughvi Farqan Sumro.

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On this occasion, citizen Farqan Sumro said that he was abducted from Quetta on the night of April 25 at 9 o’clock while going to Osta Mohammad, the dacoits subjected him to severe violence, and a bandage was tied on his eyes during captivity, before the recovery, there was intense firing.

According to police officials, the young Farqan was abducted 11 days ago from Dera Allahyar Rojhan Jamal, the dacoits were transferring Mughvi Farqan Sumro from one place to another, for the recovery of Mughvi, Sindh and Balochistan police carried out a joint operation…

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