Judge Faiz Esa’s important decision:

A penalty has been imposed on the student who unnecessarily filed a case against the school.

According to the details, Justice Judge Faiz Esa of the Supreme Court has issued a written judgment in the case. The Supreme Court has ordered the student to pay a penalty of 15,000 rupees to the relevant school.

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The decision stated that the student’s unnecessary litigation was considered an unjustified harassment and the student will have to pay a penalty of 15,000 rupees to the school.

The school’s staff was also involved in the never-ending litigation. In 1994, the school expelled student Akbardeen on charges of cheating in exams.

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The government school in Chitral refused to issue a certificate to the student upon expulsion. In 2007, the court ordered the school to issue a certificate to the student for leaving the school.

The student had claimed harassment against the headmaster due to the waste of time. The court accepted the claim and also ordered the school to pay a penalty of 20,000 rupees.

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The student filed another claim against the school, demanding a compensation of 4 million rupees. The Supreme Court rejected the student’s claim for 4 million rupees in compensation.

Abdul Rehman

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