“Judicial decisions have their own place, but funds cannot be released for Punjab elections by deviating from the constitution.”

According to News, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar stated during a National Assembly session that if Article 63-A’s verdict did not reiterate the constitution, the world would be amazed to know that the votes of only 25 members were not counted.

He stated that funds cannot be approved without the approval of the Cabinet or the Economic Coordination Committee, and the Assembly says that they do not abide by the decisions of three or four people; the agreement was approved.

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Ishaq Dar stated that if the Assemblies of Punjab and KP had not been dissolved, the damage would not have been this severe, and there would have been elections held simultaneously throughout the country, but dissolving the Assemblies created chaos in the country.

According to the Election Commission, expenditures of 47.4 billion rupees will be incurred on elections and other expenses of 14 billion rupees, and according to the EC, the overall expenditure will exceed 61 billion rupees on general elections.

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He said that the Supreme Court had instructed the State Bank to release funds, but the State Bank could have stopped the funds, but the matter was referred to the Finance Ministry, which could not release the funds without a summary.

Ishaq Dar said that we sought refuge in Article 81-A and took the matter to the Cabinet; the Cabinet said that if they do not follow the decisions of three or four people, then how can the funds be released?

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