Karachi: Head editor and staff of North Nazimabad police station, including other serious criminals, arrested for abduction.

According to details, the head editor of North Nazimabad police station in Karachi, Javed, and four staff members were abducted and found involved in other serious crimes. The head editor, Javed, along with four staff members, were arrested for their involvement in abduction and bribery.

A case has been registered against Javed and the four staff members under the charges of abduction and bribery.

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According to the details of the case, the staff members caught a car filled with contraband, transferred the driver and other individuals to the police station, kept the suspect for 8 hours, and let him go after receiving a bribe.

According to the text, after the release, the car filled with contraband was stopped by officers from another agency, and the suspect revealed that he had given a bribe at the previous police station. Upon finding out about the bribery, the officers took action.

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Abdul Rehman

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