Karachi: How did the young man fall and die from the swing in Clifton Play Land? Friend informed

Further details have emerged regarding the death of a 17-year-old young man who fell from a swing in Karachi’s Clifton Play Land.

According to the friend’s statement, “We went to the president park first for a walk, then we went to Clifton. Waliallah and another friend sat on the swing.”

The friend explained that the swing spun two or three times, and then the river came. The cap that was on Waliallah’s head flew off, and when he tried to catch it, he fell down. After that, we picked him up and took him to the hospital.

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The police officials said that a statement regarding the incident has been recorded under 174, and no negligence on the part of the administration was found. The fatal accident happened due to the young man’s mistake.

The authorities also stated that the parents of the deceased young man did not want any legal action to be taken. After completing legal formalities, the body was handed over to the heirs.

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Remember, a tragic incident occurred in Clifton Park Karachi, where a young man fell off a fast-moving swing and died.

The Clifton Park administration’s position was that the accident happened due to the young man’s negligence. The deceased young man was trying to stand up by unlocking the swing while it was moving.

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