Karachi: The United Arab Emirates has established Asia’s largest visa center in Karachi. Now people will not have to go to Islamabad to obtain visas.

Visa news for Pakistanis in UAE: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has set up the largest visa center in Asia in Karachi, which means people no longer have to go to Islamabad to obtain visas.

According to details, this is good news for those who want to travel to the UAE as the largest visa center in Asia has been established in Karachi by the UAE.

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To facilitate the public, 11 counters have been set up at the visa center. With the establishment of the visa center, people will no longer have to go to Islamabad to obtain visas and can now do so through agents at the visa center.

Sindh applicants will now have access to all visa facilities at the UAE consulate.

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The Chief Minister of Sindh, along with Provincial Minister Nasir Hussain Shah, visited the UAE Consul General and toured different branches of the visa center. During the visit, the UAE Consul General briefed the Chief Minister on various aspects of the center.

The Chief Minister of Sindh said that this visa center in Karachi is the largest center in Asia and will be helpful for the people of Sindh. This center will issue work visas to young people for employment opportunities in the UAE.

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