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Maa, What was my Fault? #RIPHumanity

In Kerala, killing a pregnant Elephant is revealing the real brutality. This murder of a pregnant elephant broke the internet and spread the cruelty of Humanity. #RIPHumanity is now a viral hashtag after this event on each social media.

Why #RIPHumanity is trending?

A pineapple full of strong cracks offered by the man exploded in her mouth after her chomping. The pregnant, wild elephant in Silent Valley forest had been the victims of the human act of cruelty on the 27th of May. On Twitter, where people called for stern action against the perpetrator, the heinous act triggered indignation.


The explosives have been reported to have injured the jaw, tongue, and mouth of the wild elephant but have survived the terrible event for one week. After the abuse, the body was found in a river a week later, and could not eat or drink.

Many public figures tweeted against this inhumanity.

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