Manki Pak’s cases: Sindh government has issued an alert to establish isolation wards in hospitals.

Karachi: In view of the cases of Manki Pak’s, the Sindh government has issued an alert to establish isolation wards in hospitals.

According to details, after the reporting of Manki Pak’s cases in Pakistan, the Director Health Services Sindh has issued an alert to all government hospitals in Sindh to immediately establish isolation wards.

The alert has directed to establish isolation wards consisting of 10 beds, with separate wards designated for 5 women and 5 men.

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Orders to establish isolation wards have been issued in more than 25 major government hospitals in Sindh, and the heads of hospitals including Jinnah Hospital, Liaquat General Hospital, and Civil Hospital have received the alert.

People’s Medical University, Shaheed Benazirabad, Ghulam Mohammad Medical College and Hospital, Sindh Government Children’s Hospital Saudabad, North Karachi, Korangi, and Ibrahim Hyderi have also been directed to establish immediate wards.

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It should be noted that the Ministry of Health spokesperson had said yesterday that the first case of Manki Pak’s has been reported in Pakistan, and the national health institution in Islamabad had confirmed Manki Pak’s in the affected person. Following this, health regulations have been implemented at all airports in the country.

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The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed one case, while the Sindh government spokesperson claimed that 2 cases have been reported.

Two cases of Manki Pak’s have surfaced in Pakistan. Manki Pak’s not allowed at airports…

Abdul Rehman

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