Medical Negligence: Cloth Left in Woman’s Stomach After Operation by Government Hospital Doctors.

During surgery, doctors at a government hospital forgot cloth inside a woman’s abdomen

New Delhi: In India, it was revealed about a woman who has been suffering from abdominal pain for one and a half years that there is cloth present in her abdomen which doctors forgot during her delivery at a government hospital.

The incident occurred in the state of Telangana, where a doctor at a government hospital forgot a piece of cloth in the abdomen of a pregnant woman after her delivery. The woman had been suffering from severe abdominal pain for one and a half years.

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According to the family, the woman’s delivery took place in December 2021 at a government hospital, and doctors performed a cesarean operation for delivery, but they left a piece of cloth in her abdomen.

The woman returned home after two to three days, but a few days later, she began to experience severe abdominal pain. She continued to take various medicines for a long time, but her condition did not improve.

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After one and a half years, the woman underwent screening at a hospital, and it was revealed that there was cloth present in her abdomen. Doctors then performed surgery and removed the cloth from her abdomen.

The woman’s relatives have demanded action against the doctors at the government hospital for their negligence.

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