“Members of National Assembly Express Concerns over Judiciary’s Demand for Accountability”

“Who is the judiciary to demand accountability from us?” said Islam Bhutan, a member of the National Assembly. The judiciary was born out of the parliament.

Speaking at a National Assembly session, Islam Bhutan expressed his opinion that we must stand above our interests and give a direct answer to the court that they cannot access records of our actions.

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He said that there are respected judges in the Supreme Court whom we respect. One judge showed his seniority and participated in the Golden Jubilee ceremony of the Constitution. Now is the time to stand firm and not retreat.

MQM leader Abu Bakr, while talking to the media, said that when the audio and video of politicians were leaked, they were humiliated. Now that their audios are being leaked, will anyone hold them accountable? Have politicians left only questions and no answers?

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Opposition member Noor Alam Khan, expressing his opinion, said that we hold the Supreme Court accountable. They should also take into account the benefits received. When an MNA retires, do they receive a pension? We will give details of the judiciary’s actions. First, give details of the expenses incurred. Who took plots in the judiciary, record it.

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