Mexico City: 10 people killed in gunfire during a car racing show

Mexico City: At least 10 people were killed and nine injured in an exchange of gunfire during a car racing show in northern Mexico on Saturday.

According to a report from an international news agency, the incident of gunfire occurred in the area of San Vicente in Ensenada, Mexico.

According to authorities, armed individuals of unknown identity descended from cars and suddenly started firing shots at people present at a nearby gas station during the Alt-Tierra car racing show. After the attack and gunfire, they fled in a van of their own color, according to officials.

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Following the incident, police, firefighters, and volunteers from the Mexican Red Cross arrived at the scene and transferred the injured to the hospital.

According to information, Armando Ayala Robles, the mayor of Mexico City, has stated that the Attorney General of the state has formed a special team to investigate the incident of gunfire.

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