Mrs. Khatoon purchased 3 properties in the most beautiful city for 900 rupees.

An American woman, who has connections with the United States, bought three magnificent properties in Italy for only 931 rupees.

Italy has been selling its abandoned properties for a long time at very low prices to revive the population and bring back the vibrancy of those areas.

The buyers of these properties are bound to decorate and furnish them, which costs approximately 24,000 dollars (67 lakh Pakistani rupees). Then they can either reside in them or start business activities.

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Now, a woman from the American state of California, with ties there, has purchased three properties at a very moderate price.

According to Rabia Daniels, one of these women, when she saw the advertisement for the sale of these properties on the internet, she thought of investing there.

According to her, it took them 3 days to make the final decision, book tickets, and then take the flight to Rome. They purchased these properties for only 3.30 dollars, equivalent to 931 Pakistani rupees.

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The purchased properties are located in a small neighborhood near Sisley Island, and the population of this neighborhood consists of 10,000 individuals.

Rabia intends to establish an art gallery in one of the houses, while in the other, she plans to build a wellness center.

Abdul Rehman

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