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A surprising change has been made to Google accounts New York: After Twitter and Facebook, Google has started giving blue ticks to its various brands. The world’s largest internet technology website, Google, has initiated the process of providing free blue ticks to users and organizations on Google’s other brands, including Gmail accounts.

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In a company blog post, it was confirmed that to prevent impersonation, Google has started providing blue ticks from May 3 on other platforms, including Google Mail and Google Work Police.

The blog post stated that the feature was tested two years ago, and the company named the feature and program “Brand Indicator Pharmacy Verification Function (BMIIM).”

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The decision to provide blue ticks on Google Mail by Google was welcomed by millions of users worldwide, and this feature was considered a good feature for protection against fake emails and fraud.

It is speculated that from next week, users and organizations in Pakistan will also start appearing with blue ticks on their Gmail accounts.

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