3 models commit suicide in two weeks

Indian model Manjusha Niwgi was found dead in her apartment.

According to a foreign news agency, this is the second suicide of a celebrity in the last three days and the third suicide in two weeks.

After Badisha De Majumdar, another Bengali model committed suicide. Well known model Manjusha Niwgi was found hanging from the ceiling of her room in Kolkata.

Manjusha Niwgi was found hanging at her residence on May 27.

Regarding the daughter’s suicide, the model’s mother claimed that she was suffering from severe depression after the death of her close friend Badisha de Majumdar.

It may be recalled that Badisha died on May 26 due to suicide.

In this regard, the police officer said that the body of Manjusha Niugi was sent to the hospital for postmortem so that the cause of death could be ascertained.

Manjusha’s mother said that my daughter kept saying that she wanted to live with Badisha, she kept talking about Badisha.

On the other hand, the famous Bengali television actress Palvi was also found hanging in her rented apartment about fifteen days ago.

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