A Fifth-Grade Student Set Up A Happy Telephone Hotline

A fifth-grade student in Indiana, USA, has created a 24-hour hotline telephone service for anxious and frustrated people.
Sheryl Kane of Indiana is a fifth-grader at Milford School. She has been sensitive from an early age and is always ready to help people. After hearing about the phone line service at another school, he shared his thoughts with his classmates and urged them to work on it.
Sheryl thinks the world is weird and bad news is coming from all sides. That’s why Sheryl has named her service, its full name is Van Life Goes You Lemon, Call of the Fifth Grader. She hopes for the children on the phone and speaks to them in a positive way. The number of this phone line is also becoming popular now which is also a kind of automatic hotline.
He said the phone line number is 574-832-4965. Anyone who calls this number is given five options which include jokes, advice and encouraging sayings.
You can also get help with education.