A Photo Purchased For Only 30 30 Turned Out To Be Worth 10 Million

The 30 30 painting purchased during the sale of antiques in London proved to be a masterpiece of many centuries ago and experts have suggested a minimum price of 10 million dollars, equivalent to 2 billion Pakistani rupees, for this very beautiful painting.

According to the AG News Gallery, a popular antiquities auction house located in London, the painting was purchased from the Saturday Yard Sale in 2017. In this sale, people sell their antiques outside the house on Sundays. This picture was also seen by the same cell, in fact it was created by the famous painter of the Renaissance, Albrecht Dورrer. Albrecht was a famous historical artist who died in 1528.

The theme of this beautiful masterpiece was ‘The Virgin and Child’. Although all the masterpieces of Albrecht have been discovered and they have become the adornment of the museum. But these important pictures were hidden from the experts. That is why it has been called a rare image.

The painting was completed in 1503, according to Clifford Shorer, an archaeologist associated with the gallery. It eventually reached a bookstore owner and has been with the art gallery ever since. However, much work has been done to prove this, as many such claims have been proven to be false in the past.

It takes a lot of effort to verify such images, which is why Clifford traveled internationally on 17 flights for three consecutive years and talked to the world’s top experts about this painting and everyone confirmed it. A panel of experts at the London Museum looked at it from all angles, including experts who wrote essays on Albrecht’s life, and finally called it a real masterpiece, and all the experts estimated its potential value to be at least 10 million. The dollar is stated.