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A Qadiani Was Killed in Peshawar Court by a Young Muslim – #KhalidGhazi

Lahore, 29th July 2020: In the blasphemy case, a youth shot a Qadiani person in front of the judge.

During a blasphemy hearing at the local Peshawar Court, a young man shot an arrogant Qadiani at the judge’s side.

He is expected to be shot dead on the spot, and his corpse remains at the courthouse. Police must intervene to apprehend the accused instantly.

The local writer said the suspect is a Qadiani and that the incident seems a blasphemy occurrence.

He put a gun out of a courthouse before the judge and fired the guy to show that the trial was in the greatest safety situation.

In the local Trial, the accused shot the murderer, the prosecution was heard of blasphemy.

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