Actor Burko Caratley’s Wedding Photos Go Viral On Social Media

A photo of Pakistani actress Mahesh Hayat, who won the Presidential Medal, went viral on social media.

 According to details, actress Mahesh Hayat posted her picture on social networking site Twitter with an interesting caption.

Mahesh Hayat, who has made a name for herself in the film and TV industry, made a beautiful comment on ‘Full Moon’ in the caption of the posted photo.

The actress has made a beautiful comment on the glimpse of the full moon by embellishing a charming photo of herself on social media sites.

In the caption of his post, Mahesh Hayat also wrote a quote from Lee St. John, a well-known author about the moon, which is used in self-defense when you are under criticism.

However, it is not clear if she is commenting on the moon or defending herself.

It should be noted that the actress has also used the hashtag ‘Full Moon’ in her post.


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