Actress Maura Prefers Fellow Actor Amir Gilani Over Her Brother-In-Law

Showbiz industry actress Maura Hussain preferred her co-star Amir Gilani over her brother-in-law Farhan Saeed.

Recently, Maura Hussain along with her co-star and best friend Amir Gilani attended a show on a private TV channel where she answered various questions from host Wasi Chaudhry.

During the show, the host gives Maura Hussain a situation where your boat is sinking and you have only two life jackets, one of which you will wear yourself.

Wasi Chaudhry asked whose life would you save with another jacket, Farhan Saeed, Humayun Saeed or Amir Gilani?

Answering the host’s question, Maura Hussain said, “I will save Amir Gilani from drowning with the second jacket.”

Amir Gilani was embarrassed to hear Maura Hussain’s reply while Wasi Chaudhry was shocked.

It should be noted that Amir Gilani had played the lead role in the most popular drama serial ‘Sabat’ with Maura Hussain.

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