Actress Nadia Jamil Angry Over Pakistani Drama Scripts

Leading Pakistani actress and social activist angry over drama scripts

According to details, Nadia Jamil has expressed anger over the scripts of recent Pakistani dramas.

Nadia Jamil posted a picture of a cartoon emoji on the photo and video sharing app Instagram that looks cramped in view of the situation.

In the commissioning of the post by Nadia Jameel, the actress expressed her anger over the content of the drama industry and also expressed her views.

“Pakistani dramas show that a woman is being subjected to domestic violence but she is still eager to live with a man,” she wrote.

On the other hand, Nadia Jameel wrote in a questioning manner that what kind of positive message do such stories send to the society?

The actress wrote in a very angry tone that in our dramas it is shown that a woman is shedding her tears for the man and burning in the love of the man who is oppressing her.

Nadia Jamil wrote that many dramas want to show a woman as a hunter and are the heroes of those dramas.

The actress further wrote that woman is not a hunter but a creature of Allah Almighty and praise be to Allah our Lord has given woman a place of respect and honor.

At the end of the post, actress Nadia Jameel wrote in a question-and-answer manner, “Can we give the same honor and respect to a woman on TV?”

Remember that Nadia Jamil, as a social worker, seems to be raising her voice against oppression on social media platforms.

He also used the hashtags SayNoAbuse, WomenEmpowerment and DomesticViolence in the caption of his post.


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