Advice For Parents Who Are Worried About Their Children’s Habit Of Using Mobile Phones All The Time

In today’s modern age where raising children has become a little easier, parents also face some difficulties.

Most of the parents complain that their child is always stuck in the mobile, even when eating, does not leave the mobile phone.

Everyone knows that overuse of mobile phones and television screens is harmful to everyone, but it can be very dangerous for children.

Adverse effects of mobile phones on children include headaches, poor eyesight, distant physical activity, poor posture, obesity, lack of sleep and stress.

In addition, it is common for children to become angry and anxious because of playing violent games.

In such a situation, how to teach children to live without mobile phone and TV or by reducing its use?

 Let us tell you how children can be kept happy by keeping them away from these things.

Introduce new hobbies for children:

Introduce new hobbies for children such as football, cricket, running, reading books, etc. so that they can use their energy positively.

Arranging Indoor Games:

Of course, all of you must have played Ludo, Carrom Board and other such fun board and card games or hide and seek in your childhood. You can still play these games with your children today.

Set aside some household chores for children:

To instill a sense of responsibility in children, give them responsibility for small and harmless household chores from an early age, such as watering plants, cleaning your own room, arranging your clothes and books in the closet, and so on.


Taking children for a walk in a nearby park will instill in them an attachment to nature which will also have a positive effect on their health.

Teach children to make friends:

Take the children to meet other children and relatives, in this way the children will develop the spirit of camaraderie and camaraderie, they will learn to make friends which will be useful in their future life.

Schedule time for each task:

Schedule time for each child’s work so that they understand their routine. Set the time so that children have the least amount of time to use mobile phones and televisions.

The most important thing is that children are a reflection of their parents, they will do what they see you do, so you should stop using your mobile phone in front of them all the time so that they can become ideal parents in front of them.


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