After The United States And Russia, China Also Built Its Own Space Shuttle

After the United States and Russia, China has also built its own space shuttle.

According to the foreign news agency, on September 4, the Chinese SLV “Long March 2F” was loaded and sent into space from the Joaquin Satellite Launch Center, where it stayed for two days and returned to Earth on September 6. Came down successfully.

Remember that after successfully staying in space for two days last week, it has successfully returned to Earth.

How big and heavy is this space shuttle, what does it look like, did it have astronauts aboard or did it fly automatically, what orbit it was orbiting the earth and how much did it cost to fly, In response to all these questions, the Chinese media is completely silent.

 So far no photos or video footage of the space shuttle have been released.

The Chinese space shuttle has been dubbed the “Chongfu Xiong Xian Hang Tian Chi” (CSSHQ), meaning “reusable experimental spacecraft” and has been in operation for more than ten years. Was

It should be noted that based on the Chinese-made space launch vehicle “Long March 2F”, it is estimated that the CSSHQ may have weighed around 2000 kg (2 tons).


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