Alex Bhatti And Ayesha Bukhari’s Video Goes Viral

The leaked video of Alex Bhatti and Ayesha Bukhari went viral on social media.

According to details, Alex Bhatti and Ayesha Bihari are both Pakistani tick tick stars.

Remember that his leaked video was initially shared by YouTube LLP on its YouTube channel.

In their leaked video, it can be seen that both the tuk tuk stars are present in a hotel.

In the leaked video of the couple, they can be seen doing inappropriate activities in the hotel room.

 Some pictures of Mr. Alex and Ayesha have also been leaked.

It is believed that both of them are facing a lot of criticism on social media on the video based on the inappropriate actions of the talk star and many people are also making fun of Alex’s identity.

It should be noted that both the tuck talk stars can also be seen smoking cigarettes in the leaked video.

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