Ali Haider Gillani’s video gone viral, Telling Parliamentarians about how to WASTE their votes.

A video of Ali Haider Gilani, son of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, has surfaced in which he is allegedly telling parliamentarians to waste their votes in the upcoming Senate elections.

This video has been tweeted by PTI’s official Twitter account. Dr Shahbaz Gul, special assistant to the prime minister for political communications, called it “shameless” and called on the ECP to take action against Gilani.

Yousuf Raza Gilani is contesting the Senate election from Islamabad against PTI’s Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. His son Haider Ali Gilani is the MPA of Punjab.

It is not possible to know who Ali Haider Gilani is talking to about the alleged loss of Senate votes.

Gill held a press conference, criticizing the former prime minister. “We all know how a necklace was stolen from a Turkish princess,” he said. “You saw how one of her children was involved in the ephedrine scandal.”

Gilll said the video showed Gilani’s son telling lawmakers to “vote for us or lose their vote”.

This video of corruption has once again proven that Imran Khan was right when he said this mafia will never let a transparent Senate election take place

Shahbaz Gill

He urged the ECP to take action against Gilani in accordance with its constitution, adding that the electoral body was an independent body and the government was ready to provide it with the necessary assistance.

The Assistant to the Prime Minister has demanded strict implementation of the recent opinion of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on the open referendum in the Senate elections and said that otherwise, the country would continue to face such examples of humiliation in the days to come.

Ali Haider Gilani response

Ali Haider Gilani, responding to the allegations at a news conference, said he had met many people while campaigning for his father.

“All the members of the NA are our constituencies,” he said. He mocked the Prime Minister, saying that he had tried to win the loyalty of the legislators by releasing development funds.

Gilani said he had met PTI lawmakers to vote for his father, adding that it was his right. “Not once, I will meet him a hundred times because it is my right,” he said. “For every election, we have been looking for votes of conscience. We do not believe in buying and selling votes,” he added.

The former prime minister’s son said he was seeking a “love and conscience” vote from the PTI MPA, adding that many members wanted to vote for his father instead of Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.


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