Ali Stands With His Son, Ali Zafar, To Fulfill Sadpara’s Mission

Leading Pakistani singer Ali Zafar said that he stands by his son Sajid Ali Sadpara to fulfill the unfulfilled mission of Ali Sadpara.

According to details, on Twitter, Sajid Ali Sadpara shared a video of Ali Zafar’s audio song which he had prepared to pay homage to 45-year-old mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

On February 5, Sajid Sadpara returned to the base camp due to a problem in the oxygen cylinder, but his father Muhammad Ali Sadpara did not return from the base camp.

Sharing the video, Sajid Ali Sadpara wrote in the caption, “I can’t stop myself from listening to this great song prepared for my father.”

He said, “While this song is dividing my heart, it is also giving me strength.”

“This song gives me the courage to fulfill my father’s unfinished mission,” he said.

Ali Zafar responded to Sajid Ali Sadpara’s tweet by saying, “I apologize to you for losing your father because it is a great loss.”

The singer said, “Inshallah, you will complete your father’s unfinished mission.”

“We will do our utmost to help you accomplish this mission,” he added.

It should be noted that two days ago, Sajid Sadpara, son of Muhammad Ali Sadpara, confirmed the death of his father in a press conference with the Gilgit Tourism Government.


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