Amazon now has ‘keys’ to thousands of apartment buildings in the U.S.

Amazon is asking landlords around the country to let them install a device to get into lobbies Inc. is on a mission to gain access to the front lobbies of apartment buildings across the U.S. and is trying to sell landlords on the idea of allowing the installation of a digital “key” allowing their package delivery drivers a way to enter.

The online retail and tech giant’s aim is to provide secure and convenient building access for Amazon delivery drivers at apartment buildings and streamline the delivery process for building owners and managers, so their staff or residents don’t need to manually give access each time deliveries are made, a spokesperson told FOX Business.\

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Amazon delivery drivers request entry to a participating building via an app, and the apartment building door or gate to a community is only unlocked when Amazon checks the driver’s ID, route, GPS location, and time of the request.
The Associated Press reported that some landlords who have installed the key system say it has reduced the incessant buzzing from delivery workers and is a more secure option than giving the building’s admission code to dozens of delivery people. One even stated that he would have paid Amazon to install the system since he is so pleased with it. Amazon declined to say how many buildings it has access to. but disclosed that the number is in the thousands.

Amazon package delivered inside an apartment building
An Amazon package sits by the mailbox in a Chicago apartment building.  (AP Photo/Shafkat Anowar / AP Newsroom)


The Key for the Business initiative is comparable to Amazon’s Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery, a four-year-old service that provides Amazon drivers one-time entry to people’s garages in order to leave products inside to avoid being grabbed or damaged.

According to Amazon, both systems demand various forms of authentication from delivery personnel, and all of the company’s drivers are subjected to background checks. Skeptics are nonetheless concerned about the systems’ security hazards.

Amazon Key device in an apartment building
An Amazon device that gives delivery personnel access to a building’s front doors to deliver packages is shown in a Chicago apartment building. (AP Photo/Shafkat Anowar / AP Newsroom)

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